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Corporate Held Practices

Being a facility-based, private practice has unique challenges.  Regardless if you are based in the ED or are a hospitalist practice, you are often faced with hospital politics and processes that other physicians with practices in “the field” do not have to deal with.  There are often problems with physical space and the ability to gather your records (which are really the hospital’s records) in a timely manner for billing purpose.  Here at EBS, we can help you establish a billing process that will keep you in a good light with the hospital while assuring that your needs for billing are met.

We can make sure all your charges are compliant while capturing all billable services, even choosing the appropriate level of service based on the documentation.

EBS will educate all your providers to ensure the physician documentation is a true reflection of the services provided so that your practice is reimbursed appropriately.  Our coders are trained to recognize all billable services, so that your providers get the most legal, ethical and compliant reimbursements possible.  EBS is insured and takes full responsibility for all services we code for, this includes providing all appeals to any denial received for services EBS coded.

See our Services & Fees list for choosing services that best fit your needs.

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