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The EBS Team of Professionals

Founder and President

Kim A. Myers, CCS-P, CPC,  Kim has 28 years of medical office management and billing experience.  She is recognized as a favorite speaker at community colleges in Northeast Ohio.

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Certified Coding Staff

Doreen Diana, CMBS, Employed since 2000, Doreen specializes in coding levels of service for the Emergency Department Physician.  She also supervises our collections and aging departments for Emergency services.

Mary Jo Griffith, CPC, joining us in 2009, Mary Jo specializes in coding hospitalist programs for Orthopedic Traumatists, General Surgery and Intenivist services. 

Data Analysts

Amber Fuson, employed in 2001, Amber supervises data entry and patient aging.  She has extensive experience in the analysis of payer explanation of benefits.

Stephanie Ward, employed in 2007, Stephanie supervises our customer service department.  She has extensive experience in data entry and patient aging. 

Holly Etto, started with us in 2008.  Holly has extensive experience in electronic data interchange processes.  She also does follow-up on delayed insurance payments and appeals.

James Myers, employed in 2006, James provides charge and payment entries.  He also manages electronic data interchange reporting

Monica Roth, joining us in 2009, Monica specializes in data entry  for Orthopedic Traumatists, Emergency Medicine and Intenivist services. 

Sandra Muir, joining us in 2009, Sandra specializes in data entry  for Hospitalist/Intenivist services. 

Document Management

Stephen Sakonyi, employed in 2010, Steve implemented and maintains our medical records storage and destruction process.  He utilizes internet scanning technologies and supervises all on-site shredding.  EBS complies with all HIPPA requirements for protected health information.

Courier Services

Douglas Myers, has been supervising and coordinating all courier services to local clients since 1998.


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