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About Emergency Billing Services

Emergency Billing Services, Inc. has a long tradition of helping Emergency physicians and medical billers communicate their services to the insurance carriers. With regards to medical reimbursement, good things do happen to those who ask, however complicated coding rules, payer specific edits and the fear of the U.S. Inspector General targeting you for audit has spread a wall of confusion. This makes you afraid to ask what is legally and ethically due. 

For proper reimbursement, three crucial things must happen. First, the physician has to document services appropriately. Second, their billing personnel must recognize what is billable. Third, coders must be able to defend what is billed. If any one of these three things do not happen, the provider loses.


Having trouble finding good billing personnel?

Consider EBS as Your Comprehensive Billing Service

Since 1998, EBS has been helping the Emergency Physician perfect the coding process. Our experience has helped several practices, nationwide, achieve billing and documentation excellence. Currently, we service Emergency physician practices, surgical trauma providers, Hospitalist/Intensivist programs and Labor & Delivery Management.

Whether in private practice or corporate held, Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist practices have unique billing/coding challenges. Gathering and processing the information is paramount for maximum reimbursement. Let our years of billing and coding experience in these arenas help you.

  • Private Practice Physicians
  • Corporate Held Practices
  • Billing and Coding Personnel
  • Medical Revenue Support Services

Our services

Here at Emergency Billing Services, Inc. we realize that every client has individual, unique needs.  It is our policy to offer services, ala cart, or in comprehensive packages, depending on your situation.  All services can be purchased as needed. 

– Comprehensive Billing Packages

– Coding services

– Physician Documentation Seminars/

– Billing & Coding Seminars/Webinars

– Chart audits 

– Payer Contract Negotiations

– Compliance Programs


From Our Founder

The EBS Experience

Emergency Medical Groups

Emergency Billing Services, Inc. has coded and billed for several ED groups in Medina & Cuyahoga counties in Northeast Ohio.  We perform comprehensive billing services which include, coding/appealing the records and contract negotiations with payers, services other billing companies struggle to offer.  EBS is not intimidated by large volumes, as we bill/code over 200,000 visits per year for our clients.  We have been providing billing/coding services to Emergency departments since 1998.

Hospitalist Programs

Emergency Billing Services, Inc. currently is coding records for a national healthcare partnership.  We are servicing 33 program sites in 20 states.  EBS is coding Hospitalist Services for the specialties of Orthopedic Trauma, Emergency General Surgery, Labor & Delivery, Gynecologic surgery and Intensivist services.  We have been providing coding service to Hospitalists since 2008.

Other Specialties

EBS has been successfully billing for a large Dermatology practice, including Mohs surgery, in Medina County, Ohio.  We provide comprehensive billing service including chart audits and appeals on all denied claims. We have been billing for Dermatology since 2006.

EBS is providing comprehensive billing for a Family Practice in Mahoning County, Ohio.  We have been billing for Family Practice since 2008.

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